Self-Coloured Kilt Hose
Made in Scotland
Comfortable merino wool blend
great for evening or day dress
Machine washable (cool water, gentle cycle)
Air dry only
available in a wide range of colors and styles
Select Style
Glenmore Hose:  $29.95
An affordable, comfortable classic kilt hose style, available in ten different colors.
Pipe Band Hose: $44.95
Popular with pipers, and anyone else who wears the kilt.  The extra-long tops of these hose can fold down multiple times for added thickness.  Available in twelve different colors.  Wide calf version available.
Lewis Hose:  $49.95
Our most popular kilt hose!  A high-quality hose featuring an attractive celtic cable cuff and a reinforced foot for long life.  Available in eighteen different colors.
Rannoch Hose:  $62.50
High quality hose featuring a basketweave pattern cuff and a reinforced foot for long life.  Available in a range of twelve different country inspired colors.
Harris Hose:  $54.95
Fully seam-free hose made to accomodate those with a wider calf, up to an amazing 26" circumference!  Available in fifteen different colors.
Sandringham Hose: $72.95
A high quality country sock with cabled cuffs and matching garters.  Available in four attractive colors.