Patterned-top Kilt Hose
Made in Scotland
Comfortable merino wool blend
great for giving a bit of distinctiveness to your Highland wardrobe!
Machine washable (cool water, gentle cycle)
Air dry only
available in a wide range of colors and styles
Select Style
Argyle Top Hose:  $59.95
Contemporary style featuring a bold argyle pattern on the cuff.  Four colorways available.
Themed Hose:  $59.95
Striking kilt hose featuring one of three different Scottish themed patterns on the cuff - lion, thistle, or the Scottish flag (saltire).
Chessboard Hose:  $69.95
Two-toned check top.  Classic country hose style.  Four different colorways.
Bowmore Hose:  $64.95
Classic two toned check top in four different colorways.